Thursday, November 12, 2009


always, lot ppl will ask this question...
[时常, 都会有人问这种问题...]

if yr gf n yr mom drop into ocean or sea, who will u save?
[如果你女朋友和你母亲掉进海里, 你会救谁先?]

this is how i will answer...
[那... 我就会答]

"Mom~! swim over n save my gf!"
["妈~! 游过去救我女朋友!"]

after that, i think my mom will take good care of her~
[然后, 我母亲还会善后tim~]

i have no worry~ XD
[一点~也不用担心 XD]


Anonymous said...

i must say, that is smart! OAO

btw Mimi here haha
but seriously, good thinking!

Z-Boz said...

allor~ so long time no news from u gus.. thinking of pay a visit back